Jonas Samuel Baumann
Basel, Switzerland



© Jonas Baumann 2010

»Louis Mille Quatorze«
Work in progress. Old masters of painting spent a serious amount of time on simulating materieals such as velvet or marble by using brush and paint. Nowadays the same thing happens using processing power of modern computers – we try to catch up with the virtuous skills of naturalistic painters to produce imagery indistinguishable from real life objects (and we still more than often fail). In this work I'm not interested in faking surfaces to make them look more real but in pushing the computers main strength: making things look very artificial and clean. It creates a rather dead-ish image of course, but also a more honest one. By using a painting from Hyacinthe Rigaud from 1701 as a model, the handcrafted painting and the techno-image become directly comparable, and each of them represents its age of origin by its very own expression.